29 thoughts on “Apex legends doing what people have asked to happen in many games with ranked gamemodes.”

  1. I haven’t touched the game for a while so can someone get me up to speed? What does loss forgiveness mean? Is there already a ranked matchmaking in place so losses matter now?

  2. League added something similar like a year or so ago. Except it cancels the game so you don’t have to waste time with a 4v5

  3. Yeah gotta love when you’re playing COD and get loaded into a 4v6 on Shipment, just get trapped in your spawn while the enemy plays shooting apples in a barrel for 10 minutes

  4. >for now

    ***Three months later***

    Dear Player,

    Upon further review of your match, we have determined that your loss was not in fact caused by “Didn’t load in with a full team” and was actually a case of needing to “*get gud*” and will credit your account one loss.


  5. Game is worthless with solo/duos. Half the time i jump into the match my teamates hot drop and quit anyways then its 3v1 the entire match.

  6. This is nothing new to the Boiz at RESPAWN, titanfall 2 had the same deal when joining a game in progress (usually cuz rage quitters left early leaving the joiners in a – typically – unwinnable position)

  7. Wish they’d do that in Overwatch when I get stuck with 15 seconds left in match time on the losing team. Oh well.

  8. Is Apex a battle royale game?

    I think others games don’t do this to avoid people farming points, assuming only 1 guy is losing points, his team none, and the entire enemy team gets a win.

    Idk how ranked works on BR games, but I assume only 1 team of many gets points. You can’t coordinate that many people. But in a 5v5 or 6v6 game it wouldn’t be so hard.

  9. Now they need to do the same thing with Anthem. Finding 3 people still playing the game is the real challenge.

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