44 thoughts on “Apparently stormtroopers can ‘hit’ something”

  1. Corollary: they CAN hit something, but only when they are aiming at something else.

    Logically, EVERY time they shoot, they hit SOMETHING, just not what they’re aiming at.

  2. Stormtroopers, canonically, were pretty darn scary, and quite highly trained and accurate under normal conditions.

    It’s just that usually we see them firing at Main Characters with arbitrary amounts of Plot Armor.

    While I know it’s meta to hate on the new star wars trilogy, VII actually does a pretty good job in the opening scene of what generally happens when Stormtroopers show up somewhere.

  3. Is Battlefront 2 worth picking up after all this time? It’s on sale right now and I’ve been itching for a new multiplayer game.

  4. I feel this meme of stormtroopers being innacurate is based on one scene in A New Hope where people forget that they were literally missing on purpose.

  5. This “Stormtroopers cant hit anything ” meme always gives me a headache. This whole myth grew from the first movie where they escaped the Death Star, but people don’t for some reason understand that they LET THEM GO and the Stormtroopers were ordered to miss on purpose, because they put the tracking device on Millenium Falcon and when they escaped, the Imperials would follow and learn where the Rebel Base is. This was such a brilliant tactical plan infact, that to this day it seems like it’s still outside of people’s understanding because all they think is that “Stormtroopers can’t shoot lol” when it was all an imperial tactic. Even Leia says after the escape something along the lines of “That seemed pretty easy” Yeah, because their escape was all according to plan. I know it’s a funny meme but people are just so stupid when it comes to this. It’s not hard to figure out.

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