35 thoughts on “Are all the updates to stop him then?”

  1. Because OP didn’t post a source or the image itself, I did made a template myself. [https://i.imgur.com/ijNo5zn.png](https://i.imgur.com/ijNo5zn.png)

    Tagging users in the comments section so they know:

  2. If anyone didn’t know: untitled goose game is scheduled to be released on steam!

    In late 2020, when the game will still be totally relevant.

  3. I see you own the Stanley Parable, I don’t think you realize how much of a gamer you are.

    Also ignore the people judging you for having Fortnite. They’re probably just band wagoners for the stupid meme.

  4. I haven’t seen ROBLOX Studio in years lol.

    I’m tempted to play ROBLOX again but my PC broke and I probably won’t get another until Christmas. The mobile version kinda sucks for the games I wanna play too 🙁

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