Arkham Knight with/without Denovo in game benchmarks

[Steam settings](

[Epic settings](

[Steam results with Denovo](

[Epic results without Denovo](

Specs are in flair, stock boosts on 3600x and debug mode clocks for 1080ti because mines shit :(.

Didn’t go in depth or anything because I don’t have time but here’s a quick look at my results for anyone interested. Only real difference is the minimum which was constant after several runs.

Edit: There’s no confirmation that the version on the epic game store does not have Denovo

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23 thoughts on “Arkham Knight with/without Denovo in game benchmarks”

  1. Just to know, is there any confirmation that one version is ACTUALLY without Denuvo or is just an assumption from the community?

    P.S. ten whopping frames in the minimum framerate, no matter how rarely the game may dive that low, seems a pretty fucking significant impact on the performances, by the way.

  2. That difference on the minimum is actually significant. Was that in the form of stutters down to 40 FPS? Or just an area that had lower FPS in general?

    I wonder if copying the .exe across to a Steam install will work for getting rid of Denuvo there?

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  4. There is confirmation that EGS version doesn’t have Denuvo. Just load the game without internet connection (or firewall) and see that it loads. If it had Denuvo, it wouldn’t do its job.

    Also the minimum framerate is only half of the story. The other part is hugely improved loading times without Denuvo.

  5. I couldn’t get my Steam version to run for years.

    The EGS version works now, only the launcher with the settings doesn’t. Thankfully I know how to edit .inis.

    Thx Epic! Such a great game!

  6. Beyond not really being sure if the Epic version has Denuvo or not, the benchmark in Arkham Knight is notoriously inaccurate to actual game play. I think DF did a bit a while back talking about good (representative) benchmarks VS bad, and called Arkham Knight as being a particularly bad example of benchmarks.

  7. Hey man, please understand that this benchmark may not be accurate at all since we don’t know if the 1% low is caused by denuvo since the epic version could have some preloaded stuff from the first steam run. More benchmark samples from both versions would show us the true results, let’s say if you 8 more runs in total (so 5 on steam, 5 on epic). Could you please do that? ❤

  8. Posting my own results to contribute was well. Using an RTX 2070 Super and a Core i7-6700K@4.4GHz. I haven’t been able to identify any framerate differences on maximum or minimum in-game settings. There was some stutter on my first run (done with Steam) that cleared itself out on all subsequent runs, presumably shader compilation stutter. The biggest difference I saw was a nearly 50% reduction in executable size. Using ProtectionID, I also confirmed that the Steam version still uses Steam and Denuvo DRM while no DRM was identified for the Epic Games version.


  9. Running very nicely for me. I’m running fully maxed out at a constant 60FPS at 1440P. Most pleasing. Say what you like about EGS, but I’ve gotten some great freebies over the past few weeks.

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