26 thoughts on “Arnold in MK11 (2019) | Arnold in Terminator Genisys (2015)”

  1. im surprised they got the T800 first before the T1000, lots more creative fatality possibilities with him imo. But I guess T800 is better for Arnold hype.

  2. Yeah I’d prefer a young look, but I don’t play this game anyway, so whatevs! Nicely done tho, I gotta say, normally celebrities in games lack something and don’t feel like themselves. Not the case here!

  3. Kind of looks like Arnold in the Terminator Dark Fate trailer, further adding to the evidence that Arnold is in fact a Terminator in that movie, and not a regular human, and previously implied. But, we will see when the movie comes out.

  4. Very cool (really really good – before I sound like an arse for critising it) but the mouth is what’s throwing the likeness off a bit, I think. Arnold has slightly more of a downward turned mouth?

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