24 thoughts on “Art imitates life”

  1. I remember how they blamed video games as a reason for the Columbine shooters doing what they did instead of treating it as a symptom of larger problems. Interesting strategy of sticking to that after all these years when there’s a bunch of literature written since then that debunks the one-dimensional theory of video games = mass shootings.

  2. This is cute and all but if a friend told me that in full body armor and fully loaded weapons I would turn around and stop him so fast…. unless it was an online game.

  3. Most video games players have committed crimes and own a gun. It’s just a way of life for them. If you don’t get to kill something it frustrates you. All video games are horrible are there is nothing positive that can ever come from the urges to murder that ALL video games breed even in the most innocent of minds (book readers)…..

    …..is the kind of sh*t that utter morons say.

  4. Seems they are bringing the bad stuff from the 90s back.

    Why don’t they bring back the good parts of the 90s instead? Like Michael Jackson and Home Alone, fuck, we are doing everything wrong…. Again….

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