28 thoughts on “As a halo gamer since halo 1, this is my most prized achievement”

  1. Its kind of shameful its only 50 gamerscore. For all that effort it should be like 200. Congrats to you sir for your accomplishment!!!

  2. I thought you were highlighting “launch game” and I was like, HTF has only 0.81% of people who put the game in their drive to sync cheevs, not launch the game?

  3. Beat halo 2 & 3 on legendary when I was younger. If I played the other games more I would’ve too, but once the MCC releases on PC I’m going to join you on the top ranks. Good job on the achievement, it’s no easy feat from what I remember

  4. *I’ve never played a halo game surprisingly, is legendary difficultly crazy difficult? Every other FPS I’ve played on max difficulty hasn’t been overly difficult, but maybe halo is different.*

  5. I haven’t done it for single-player but my friend and I did it with splitscreen. It was way easier than I expected to be honest. I hadn’t played legendary coop since I was a kid so I wasn’t expecting to get better. Halo 2 was kinda fucked though.

  6. Halo Reach’s “A monument to your sins” is both an awesome achievement title and my proudest one. Beat Halo reach on legendary alone. It was a cool moment for me back when I played it.

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