29 thoughts on “At least I finally have closure.”

  1. Being bought by Microsoft and Bethesda owning the rights to Fallout should’ve been a pretty clear indication that this was not going to happen.

    The odds of another New Vegas is pretty much nil. The odds of another New Vegas by Obsidian is almost literally 0%.

  2. i mean, you’re getting a spiritual successor of sorts. The Outer Worlds looks like everything i’ve wanted from a sequel to New Vegas.

  3. Isint there a team working from scratch to remake NV in FO4′ engine, its literaly called Fallout4: New Vegas

  4. It’s not currently being developed because it’s complete and they just aren’t going to release it to the public.

  5. Yeah that was a one off due to a contract. Bethesda isn’t ever going to let that franchise go…they’re to eager to milk every last cent for as little effort as possible turning out buggier and buggier games with less and less content.

  6. Is it just me or does “New Vegas 2” sound similar to “Skyrim 2”? Just because NV was great doesn’t mean that that moniker has taken over the Fallout brand yet.

  7. Damn, that’s dissapointing. It’s a good thing we got some good people making a fan mod Fallout 4: New Vegas. New Vegas in Fallout 4

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