37 thoughts on “Back when developers didn’t hate gamers”

  1. says when devs don’t hate there players but id say rainbow rode is a fucking war crime and whoever made it hates everyone and wants everything to burn.

  2. Limited maps, limited games, no cart selection*

    Still dope AF tho we played this shit on the bus every single day

  3. Nintendo still doesnt hate gamers. You obviously hate OC though because ive seen this posted on this sub more times than the dumbass “DAE singleplayer games??”

  4. Jesus Christ, devs don’t hate gamers (or at least, they don’t hate informed gamers who refrain from reposting stupid shit like this for cheap/lazy upvotes).

    Most of the anti-consumer decisions made in games are imposed by publishers, not developers.

  5. This game made a lot of high school recess/lunches awesome.

    Didnt matter who you talked to or which group you hung out with – if you had a DS youd head down to the basketball courts and play mario kart.

  6. >Back when developers didn’t hate gamers

    Yup that’s it. That’s exactly the problem with the games industry. The ***developers***, not the publishers, hate gamers and Mario Kart is a shining example of how far we’ve fallen.

  7. PSP had this too but almost no one used it. I loved using this on Bomberman Touch 2 and New Super Mario Bros. It was weird using it on that one Kirby game where the 2nd player had to look at player 1’s screen.

  8. My girlfriend and I still play the shit out of this 3DS game, and we always play as Shy Guy. 👌👌

  9. Nobody in the business of making games hates gamers. You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the industry if you did.


    Now, toxic assholes who try to hijack the title of “gamer” and gatekeep it and be shitheads to other people… yeah. (Not that OP is this, just I see them around from time to time online)

  10. > For free

    You already bought the game. It is not free. People just fell for the subscriber/expansion extra purchases so much they became dependent on them. The consumer base has to become fed up with unethical financial expectations these mega corps have forced on everyone. It is borderline enslavement.

  11. Yeh man, some programmer who just spent 12 hours trying to figure out why you can fire a weapon in the split second between lowering 1 and raising the other really hates you personally.

  12. Do all 8 of them really play it for free if one of them paid for the game? It should say 7 get to play for free.

  13. Remember when Microsoft tried to make this a universal feature for their console and people crucified them because it meant that they could no longer sell their $60 games for $3 and could no longer buy $60 games for $57.99?

  14. To be fair, this was the first time Nintendo did this. Previously multiplayer portable Nintendo games required multiple consoles, multiple copies of the game, and, before the DS, a first-party cable to connect them.

  15. Devs don’t hate gamers. Although you definitely didn’t make this meme so there’s no point in arguing its content with someone who lacks the capacity for original thought.

  16. It’s sad to see this got 36k upvotes.

    It’s **publishers**. Not **developers**. More even, it’s a mainstream publisher tactic currently to manipulate media to evoke a **developer vs community** mentality in order to both divert attention from themselves and to create ‘moral high ground’ when implementing even more anti-consumer practices (‘Look, we don’t want to do this, but did you see how the community is acting up? We need to protect the devs, our employees!’)

    So, either you’re paid by the publishers or (worse?) helping them for free.

    Make your choice.

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