20 thoughts on “Battlefield V – Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Trailer”

  1. Confirmed new maps:

    Provence, Lofoten Island: most likeley 5v5 maps for the new competetive mode

    Marita: Part of the Greek theatre and will complete the Greek Grand Operation with Mercury. Will probably release end of July

    Al Sundan: Surprise new map that was never mentioned anywhere, just datamined a few days ago. Will probably release in June.

    Operation Metro WW2-Edition in October

    Pacific theathre tease for Chapter 5, damn that Garand pling

  2. This is looking insane!! I’m so hyped right now!

    edit: holy fuck some of you guys are so salty. EA bad much? My god people, you don’t even play the game, sad because it’s a really great game and with all this content coming it’s gonna be awesome, but hey, EA bad right?

  3. Just when I almost uninstall it to clear space, they reel me back in. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for!

  4. Too little. Too late. Too bad.

    Metro AGAIN? LMAO no wonder this franchise has become garbage.

    Have fun in the meat grinder ya fuckin’ dummies!

  5. Those outdoor maps look really pretty.
    I’ll be installing again to try the competitive mode.
    Really enjoyed playing with friends in BF3.

  6. F’n DICE and their janky, broken ass games. Don’t know how y’all can get excited about this. Good trailer, crummy, buggy games.

    This from someone who played 1942 when it came out. Nothing has changed. They’ve learned nothing from past releases. It’s the same patch WILL break this, WILL break that, patch MIGHT actually fix something. Next crappy patch “Soon”.

  7. Can anyone who owns speak about the player count on PC?

    I played the shit out of BF1, but I can’t find any info about 5 and it’s players.

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