6 thoughts on “Battlefield V is now available with Origin Access Basic”

  1. Not yet. But they are messing with the page. I anticipate it being announced at EA Play on Sunday.

  2. The new roapmap trailer really makes me want to get this game. Kind of want to own it though. Well…I suppose I could pay the sub and get it any other games for the same price though.

  3. It’s definitely coming to Origin Basic. XBOX has a banner up on the front dashboard that states it’s part of EA access now.

  4. Another reason **why** `Basic Access` is the optimum price/performance point as BFV was part of Triple price expensive Premier Access now get to be a part of Basic Access. Such transition was *inevitable* and will happen to all **only** exclusive to Premier Access games of 9 in [total](https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/origin-access) in the future.

    * $5/month for 199 games is a catch
    * $15/month for 199+9 newest games is only for the **im**patient.

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