10 thoughts on “‘Battlefield V’ Is Selling Nazi Stuff, and It’s Really Weird”

  1. Given that Battlefield 5 deliberately alienated their own audience for the sake of politics, it is hilarious to see them being attacked by Vice’s latest crusade for even more censorship. Can’t hide behind historical verisimilitude if you’ve claimed it doesn’t exist.

  2. Once again demonstrating that Battlefield V in it’s current form was not the game to monetize like this. This should’ve been Bad Company 3.

  3. “Battlefield V, a game about world war 2, is selling Nazi cosmetics, a faction in world war 2, and it’s really accurate”

  4. I like how the flair on this is “misleading” despite the title of the post literally being word for word the headline of the article

  5. Awesome,I think they should sell items with Swastika also and shouldn’t have updated it. A game set in WW2 needs the Nazi faction in it’s historical depiction. Fuck journalists, calling for censorship and trying to hide facts and brain washing the population by hiding facts itself is a form of Nazism.

    Vice is actually Nazi this this case, destroying historical things is not gonna erase the truth away.

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