15 thoughts on “BeamNG.drive – Remastered and Improved Levels”

  1. So I haven’t paid much attention in the last few years, but other than driving around and wrecking your car, is there any sort of actual gameplay to be had? Can you do races or challenges or anything of that sort?

  2. the graphics and physics are there, the gameplay is subjective but the audio is so far behind that for me it ruins the car experience

  3. I remember watching the Car Boys series on Polygon with Nick and Griffin, all back before Nick got removed from the team for reasons. I would spend nights staying up laughing my ass off watching those videos. I miss those days.

  4. wow i have not seen this update before and i always play this game to practice my driving. Seeing the old maps that i always play getting an update is awesome.

  5. O have an rtx 2070 and the game runs abyssmally. I upgraded from an 860m a few months ago and I rarely got any fps drop on it. Hopefully there’s some bug fixes for it because I really enjoyed this game.

    EDIT: Please stop telling that your rig runs it fine. I’m fully aware this is a issue on my side and not the game itself.

  6. Forza Horizon 4 is ruining my previously high level of appreciation of computer graphics in games, sadly enough

  7. Did they ever improve the audio? I got the game like a year or two ago but refunded it. I remember the audio really got under my skin.

  8. They seriously need to add support for workshop and multiplayer servers as well as easier ways to create gamemodes, cars, and maps.

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