20 thoughts on “Been thwiping”

  1. I loved that game. Played though the main story, through the first DLC….then there was a weird difficulty spike…

    Never touched it again. Maybe I should just breeze through on easy..

  2. Got the game a while back, but I wasn’t able to play for quite a while. Just started playing through (last night literally)

    Enjoying it so far. I’ll have to figure out if the DLC is worth picking up.

  3. I got the plat on release and beat all the dlcs on basically day 1 on hard. Then after I’ve done everything they release ng+ and superior difficulty. Since then I’ve just been grinding away for the last two trophies. If I had known I would have waited and played the whole game on this difficulty, makes the action so much more intense

  4. Let me ask your opinion? Do you like that the new suits are already available or should they have waited for more people to watch it first and release it in a few weeks. I prefer to have them wait, just my opinion.

  5. i was going to try and 100% spiderman then I got to the taskmaster and I just couldn’t be bothered to do 50 or so events 100s of times to get a gold medal in all of them and OP is going and 100%ing the game 3 times

  6. Just started the third dlc then gonna do a ng+ on ultimate to finish all the trophies. An amazing game.

  7. Can’t afford a console. How I wish Sony had ported this to the PC as well. but since Sony wants to sell their own console, I get the exclusivity

  8. I just beat the main story yesterday and bought the dlc. I really wanted to %100 the game and I figured if I had some extra content it would make getting all the crimes that much more interesting(all I have are the crimes and suits). Needless to say I was pretty disappointed when I realized all the dlc are set in they’re “own” environments and you can’t contribute to the main completion %100

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