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  1. “It would be comical If It wasn’t tragic “
    I love play healer in all games that I play when possible and All of them is the same thing… come on Dps’.

  2. Forgot some :

    I can’t heal one shots

    You cannot be targeted

    You ran away from me

    I can’t heal shields

    Because you keep hitting thorns

  3. I like playing Eve. People give you stuff and mad props for running in a Logi fleet (healer/medic reps). In other games I’ve played it was a thankless job.

  4. I’d add extra to spite. If I’ve been forced into healing because literally no one else wants to do it for the umpteenth time, then I get full control over who I’m going to heal.

    Yelling at me for not healing you immediately, Reaper? You go to the back of the queue.

    You want healing, Genji? Maybe you should come back to the point rather than camp spawn.

    Look at you Widowmaker, you haven’t hit a damned target yet. No healing for you.

  5. Nothing is more annoying than playing Paladins and hearing “Need healing” being spammed endlessly during the match.

  6. I was playing comp with my group ages ago (Mercy Main BTW) and our Junkrat had been talking mad shit all night. I had a couple of drinks and just fucking went OFF on him because he constantly complained about my healing (in his eyes, lack there of) and told him I was no longer healing him. I went out of my way for at least three matches to NOT heal or Rez him and the rest of the group couldn’t speak for laughing so hard at our banter. We actually won two of the three but he immediately realized how much I had actually been running around when he had no heals from me.

    Wanted to share that fun little anecdotal story.

  7. I especially relate to the “healers have cooldowns too right”. like having a healer does not mean everyone will be at full health 24/7. when you realize I can’t heal for awhile you should treat your HP normally and not run in the middle of a whole team, die, and then blame me!

  8. <Genji, far behind enemy lines…>

    “I need healing”

    “I need healing”

    “I need healing”

    “I need healing”

    <Genji dies>

    “WTF Mercy, can I get a freakin heal?”

  9. I remember doing some co-op with a friend that gave me some serious anger issues with that person. It was DS3 and we were attempting Darkeater Midir. My friend was getting all fucked up and out of estus so I told him to come over to me and I’d cast a miracle to heal him, it took me saying it six times just to get him to stop running away from me and by the time I caught up, I didn’t even get to cast before he got killed.

    “See u/MarsupialMadness this is why I don’t listen to you when you tell me to do things”

    Yeah maybe if you ran over *to* me the first time I asked you’d have been fine, dickhead. But no it’s my fucking fault you ate shit and died.

  10. I love all the toxic tank mains that spam they need healing while I’m literally healing them, they’re just taking too much goddamn damage that I literally can’t keep up

  11. DPS: Steals aggro from Tank

    DPS: Dies

    DPS: “OMGWTFBBQ!! Why didn’t you heal me!”

    Me: “I didn’t know we had 2 Tanks in the group. If you wanted to pull all the aggro, and live, maybe you should be a Tank”

  12. My favorite story:
    Team Mate: “Yo heal me”
    Me: Ok where are you?
    TM: “I glitched into a wall but messed up and some idiot shot me!”
    Me: How do you want me to heal you? I’m not going to risk getting banned for glitching.
    TM: “Dude you’re literally the worst player here…”

  13. I’ve gotten pretty good at playing medic in TF2 but damn is it annoying to play in pubs and not have even one person who knows how to work with you. Nobody ever turns around so you’re in shit from the rear and then they get mad that you’re not healing them constantly or they don’t wait for their health to be actually healed and just keep running forward. I’ve had to adopt a battle medic type of play style* just to stay alive

  14. I’m a TF2 Medic main. Constantly my screen is filled with the “help” symbol. I go to heal them…

    And three scenarios appear:

    1) They already picked up a medkit

    2) They died because they 1 on 1d a Pyro

    3) They found another medic

    Then I die via backstab.




    The worst part is when a Engi is asking for a heal WHILE IN RANGE OF A DISPENSER. That’s LITERALLY THE POINT OF IT.

  15. You forgot to add, “because you are a dps trying to do tanks job” and “because the tank pulled too much”
    I lost count how many times I’ve seen a group wipe in dungeons in wow because of this. Then they blame the healer for not healing them even though they are dying faster than I can heal.

  16. After years of playing MMOs, finally rolled a healer when I switched to FFXIV. Yep, all of these except the “I’m dead” one, so far I’ve managed to stay alive in all the dungeons I’ve played.

    Seriously a tip to tanks: if we’re in a pug group, please don’t go rushing as fast as you can through a dungeon grabbing as much agro as you can. It’s one thing to do that when I’m playing with friends and we can communicate about where the tank is going via voice. I don’t mind that so much. I do mind when the only way you can communicate is via text… And especially don’t do that WHEN YOUR HEALER HAS NEVER RUN THIS FUCKING DUNGEON BEFORE YOU FUCKING ASSHAT!” So, “Where the fuck are you even?”

  17. As someone who healed in wow for like 8 years before I stopped I think spite should be bigger. I would just stop healing people if they wouldn’t even attempt to avoid aoe. If I see you just standing in fire and not move an inch or you are dpsing a boss with cleave from the front I am not wasting mana on you.

    And use damage mitigation DPS! Those skills you have that help you avoid damage won’t hurt your damage output that much and it helps free the healer to keep the entire group going.

  18. This is definitely a “pre-game” chart. As the game continues the “spite” portion grows at a steadily increasing rate.l as i get pissed off at teammate after teammate for each of the other categories. It typically unravels into a spiteful mess where all-of-the-sudden, I’m the only healer, but I’m now playing as a dps because fuck anyone else they don’t deserve my patronage.

  19. And then without fail, when they die, the ONLY one they blame is the healer! They run into the enemy sniper’s gatling gun? Blame the healer. They set off their own mine trap and died? Blame the healer. They were jerking off afk and allowed their character to get knifed? You guessed it, blame the healer!

  20. It’s just a pet peeve of mine in general when people look at a player death and conclude “his hp reached zero, therefore the healers fucked up.”

    Yeah, nevermind the fact that this boss one-hits you if you don’t line of sight correctly, or that if you don’t interrupt his cast he puts an unhealable dot on his target, or that not moving out of that swirly aoe in three seconds instagibs you.

    Nope, if anyone’s hp ever reaches zero for any reason, the healers are the cause and why are you even here you’re getting carried it’s not that hard you just target people that are low and cast spells on them lol 4Head

  21. My pocket healer in WoW was just the best. We had a dps running in ahead of the tank and doing nothing to control aggro. My healer got really annoyed and stopped healing him. About the 5th time he died he decided to get pissed and yell at the healer and her reply cracks me up to this day, she flatly stated “healing you is taking entirely too much mana, the mana cost of rezzing you is much cheaper, it’s just more mana efficient”.

  22. As a seasoned player of support roles in games, I’ve come to realize that anyone who bitches to me about why they died is likely a noob themselves and need to lrn2play. So, I try to remain patient and not get upset when they get emotional about it. When it is my fault, it’s usually that I zoned out.

  23. I was playing a game and a guy said you need to stay on the objective as a healer and heal people but my whole team kept trying to run around and get kills instead of being on the objective

  24. One time I was playing a cleric in DnD Online, and I had pretty much 0 fighting ability but heavy armor skill. My group all ran off in wildly different directions leaving me even after I got lost on the map. Ended up pinned into a corner by enemies that were unable to hurt me but I was unable to fight my way out.

    After begging for help for a minute, the screams of ‘I need healing!’ Echoed through the chat. Sorry folks, I’m busy having a fucking tea party with a hoard of giant rats, ya’ll will have to figure it out.

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