11 thoughts on “Bellular Discusses Why Most Current Games Feel Empty while WoW Classic is Surging in Popularity”

  1. As great as wow classic is, I just can‘t live without the transmog system anymore.

    Being able to make my character look as I want, is very important to me these days. That‘s why I absolutely love Warframe.😄

  2. WoW Classic is empirically a bad game by today’s standards (never really was a good game in my opinion anyway). Its popularity is due to nostalgia and nothing more. If any other game tried to deliver the same gameplay as WoW Classic it would fail even harder than other modern MMOs.

    People play WoW because other people play WoW, That’s the biggest reason why people play WoW.

  3. Kind of counting your chicks before they hatch, no?

    It isn’t even out.

    High Twitch viewership doesn’t mean a lot of players will play it.

  4. The single server system is still pretty cool. Getting familiar with people on your server was one of the coolest parts of classic wow

  5. this crap again ? its a anticipated release, im waiting for it myself, to a degree, but have no fucking delusion that Belular, preach, asmong and all these “influencers” won’t be back as soon as the “new game” hype dies off. first patch in retail after classic is out, and they are back, cause that gonna generate more views.


    Im in the beta and i played it from day one when it was new. Its a ridicilously lousy game for todays standards. If it was released as a new game today, it wouldn’t even get 100k lifetime mau’s

  6. Twitch is a large marketing platform. Reason a large amount of streamers were invited to beta. I think classic and the idea of it is great, but the hype is probably greater than the enjoyment will be for lots of people.

  7. They should just revamp the entire game.


    Change it to at least Overwatch graphics level, retain QoL features that do not make the social aspects redundant, have in-game voice chat that is on par with Discord, or even have minor stuff like controller support. Could even add Hearthstone as a mini-game in it, just like Gwent in Witcher 3.


    Or better yet, create an entire new MMORPG called Starcraft Universe. They already have more than enough lore for it.

  8. My limited experience with Bellular has led me to believe this guy is an unbelievably enormous shill.

  9. It’s simple. Modern games are built around a reward structure that is fundamentally gambling. You pay coins in the form of time for the hope that you receive a rare reward. Older games were built around a reward structure that was fundamentally *play*. In play, you spend time doing things that are *fun*.

    That’s about it.

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