40 thoughts on “Best game ever”

  1. I just found a game called Victor Vran, since there isn’t a new Diablo coming anytime soon it’s a really good filler.

  2. Check out Path of Exile if you’re looking for a similar feel. I played Diablo 2 for years and PoE gave me a close nostalgia feels.

  3. Weeks and weeks and weeks, for just one Jah or Ber rune. Most times not even the rune itself, but an item I could trade for one.

  4. My absolute favorite and most-played game of all time – thousands of hours. I spent the better part of two decades playing it, and only stopped a couple of years ago. I wish it would get remastered, so I could buy it all over again.

  5. Many hours of farming mephisto for shako’s, oculus valor, mesh and if you’re ultra lucky a wind force. Then sell in the trade chat to see how many stones of Jordan’s you could accumulate.

  6. I remember how excited I was around age 15 when the expansion came out. I haven’t played in a long time but I seem to remember there’s a mod name the Eastern Sun that makes the game a lot more playable and fun. Hopefully one day they will update this game the way they are Warcraft 3

  7. entire d2 community: please continue to expand upon this game.

    blizzard: huh? d2 is not wow.

    players: well atleast regulate bnet from item hackers.

    blizz: wtf did we just say????

    (releases d3 as consolation)

    players: wtf is this garbage?

    blizz: d3 is not wow.

  8. Ah back in the golden era of “We don’t release games until they are finished.” The 3rd Diablo went “we don’t want to keep the fans waiting.”

  9. I wish I could play it, I’m stuck with a ps3 🙁 although I do have dark souls which is somewhat of a compensation

  10. Hammerdins, so many fucking hammerdins. I would restart a character just because of one misused stat point. Never got to 99, but had a 98 and dozens of 90-95s over the course of a couple years.

  11. D2 was so amazing I was extremely disappointed with D3. Felt D2 was the ultimate customization with D3 reeling you back to cookie cutter default.

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