32 thoughts on “Best of Luck to anyone having exams”

  1. I still have nightmares and wake up in panic about missing a test or a massive project to turn in. Or even that a classmate asks me why I haven’t been in class for a semester, and I realize I never went.

    Then Finally It comest to me that I graduated in 2011.

  2. Ill never forget sitting down in my analytical chem class one morning and noticed that everyone was flipping through the textbook and looking worried. I asked my friend sitting next to me what the big deal was and she said, “they’re cramming for the midterm today.”

    Man, it was like a scene from a movie when my heart and everything froze out of fear. I totally thought the text was the next week. I was terrified!

  3. Don’t worry… after you graduate you just replace ‘Finals’ in this gif with “Crippling Debt” and it works the same

  4. I think it’s very interesting that in Roman times a thumbs up actually meant “kill him” however nowadays we wouldn’t understand that so virtually every piece of media that deals with it does it the opposite, with a thumbs down. Would love to see someone use the thumbs up for the historical accuracy.

  5. Derp guy on the ground asked to be killed and got it.

    you have to remember the question being asked of the emperor is “Should I kill this guy?” thumbs up means yes, kill him, thumbs down means no, let him live. And generally the people would be wanting blood sport. So they would give a big thumbs up to seeing a guy’s head ripped off.

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