16 thoughts on “Biomutant Gameplay 2019 New Open World”

  1. I keep getting this feeling I’ve already seen this video like sometime last year, but I can’t tell for sure.

  2. As cool/unique as this looks, I’m still cautious whether it will overcome the biggest obstacle – not having a generic open world that’s huge and bland with no real reason to explore.

  3. man I wish the developers of this game talked to their community more like on the steam forums and other places they are so dead silent it kind of worries me, wish there was more community interaction.

  4. This is not new it’s been reuploaded from footage from nearly a year ago and even the reupload itself is over 2 months ago.

  5. looks cool but idk why i get this “just another open world cartoony adventure game” feeling. i feel like there will be nothing drawing me into this game…

  6. The gameplay looks better compared to what was shown in the trailer I watched a couple years back. The animations seem a lot better and the AI seems less stupid.

    Unfortunately, I can’t stand the narration that happens during gameplay. Totally not a fan of the style or how it’s written.

  7. Wait a second…they showed 14 minutes of gameplay, created a new character, and then replayed the same area from the first 14 minutes, which doubles the length of the demo.

    Ha! I’ve never seen anyone do that before. That’s sketchy as shit.

  8. I’m holding out hope for this game to be good, the open world will be a big obstacle to overcome for a team that’s supposedly very small, but I have hope it will be a very solid game.

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