33 thoughts on “Bioware Deletes Anthem’s Roadmap After Rough Launch Leads to Mass Content Delays”

  1. Anthem at this point is like a “ya mom” joke always there but you shouldn’t do it because it’s lame

  2. Translation: “BioWare does not care about supporting their games since now. Proceed at your own risk.”

  3. Seems like we’ve had a lot of “Live Services” games lately which have launched in an incomplete state with a roadmap, and every one of them has been panned.

    I mean, is it so hard to release a complete game? Or is this all part of a deliberate strategy to keep people playing for as long as possible?

  4. This is why I won’t buy into any of these “live service” games. The track record for these titles is just abysmal – they are either A) launched in a horrible buggy state, B) are filled to the brim with monetisation or C) are sorely lacking content but promise more content via a fancy roadmap (a road map which they then cancel…)


    Man, all those pre-launch hypetrain articles sure look silly now.

    The only thing this game has killed is customers’ consoles, its own content release schedule, and whatever was left of Bioware’s credibility.

  6. I have a magic trick in regards to pc-gaming

    1) Only buy the game over a year after launch, in a deeeep sale (DLCs included) if it’s still well received.

    Ta-dah! Over half of the negative news on this subreddit won’t affect you anymore. Have a good time!

  7. I’m not surprised, they did similar for ME:A in that they ditched all DLC plans and put out infrequent balance patches for the MP portion to keep the MP microtransactions going.

  8. In before this is a market tactic. They had no plans on actually implementing a roadmap but wanted to make people think they did to keep people just a little bit longer. Sounds like an excellent idea that Ubisoft will soon steal and use on a future game.

  9. What’s really sad about Anthem is that even if it went F2P, it would only take the majority of players a few hours before realizing how bad a game it is and eventually uninstall it.

  10. They’ve already moved the teams on recycle as much of it as possible for Anthem 2. They’ll get the “we learnt from our mistakes” playbook and sell another 5 million copies to you idiots.

  11. Who at EA had the bright idea to have Bioware make a mp game and Respawn to make a sp Star Wars game?

  12. At this point just delete bioware. They haven’t made anything worthwhile since Dragon Age 3, and even that was iffy. Mass effect was ruined, Swtor started off strong but became a complete mess. Coming from someone who put 10k hours into it. They lie to their fan base, delay every update, when updates do come out they are bug ridden to the point of unplayable. People have been jumping ship with the company for awhile now. I don’t think they are redeemable at this point. And I used to love Bioware, but time has come to close doors.

  13. Here’s to the poor devs and techs who have to continue to support this piece of shit for the coming months.

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