That means that we can’t even access Black Ops Zombie menu for solo games, mods or anything else. They completely shut down a game that they’re still selling and we can’t access anymore.

u/TreyarchPC, u/treyarch_official anything to say? It’s been down for 5 days now.

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26 thoughts on “Black Ops 1 servers on PC have been shut down, apparently, and Treyarch didn’t even warn us.”

  1. That’s severely scumbaggish… but would you expect anything else from the COD series? I mean… if they can’t monetize it and it’s not netting them millions in micro-trans, why support it?

  2. Fuck, I got de ranked 2 weeks ago and was hoping to play more of MP, I grew up playing Black Ops 1 multiplayer and was dying to play more.

  3. Welcome to the world of AAA, casual focus publishers. To expect anything, but scummy decisions is your own fault

  4. I know I used to have a crack for the zombies so you could play offline when I had an illigetimate copy of the game. I’ll check and see if I can still get it to work that way. It wouldn’t be for online but at least local.

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  6. That you can’t access or connect to the game does not mean that it has been permanently shut down (a single video from one source is not good enough). [People are complaining on twitter that they can’t access any of the COD games on console](, so to me it sounds more like a bug, server issue or an authentication issue.

    Until they post an official announcement then this title is just sensationalized and misleading.

  7. Why do they have to warn you about shutting down the servers for a game that has been out 5+ years?

  8. This is why I don’t buy anything Activision. You shouldn’t either.

    Remember this next time one of their titles is available.

  9. that’s horrible if true

    In an ideal world this would be illegal, imagine selling a product advertised as functioning and 80% of it is just turned off forever.

  10. Huh.

    How long ago was this? Had tried to access the MP/zombies…couple months ago now and it wouldn’t let me in, came up with an error iirc.

    I’m pretty pissed actually. I mean, fair enough if you market it as the campaign and price it approximately. But this is still $30 AUD tmk.

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