So I’m at what I believe to be the end of the game. I’m in the campsite and it’s flooded. Carver keeps saying “Come in Ellis” but when I pull out the walkie I don’t respond I just say “Is somebody there?” Then I can get the totem in the tent and watch the video of Carver taking the kid to the house, however I cannot pick up the therapist note on the rock. And finally, if all that wasn’t bad enough, when I walk up the hill to the house and open the door theres a giant rock formation inside the house and if I even attempt to step through the door I get stuck.

It’s pretty frustrating, considering I’ve been playing it all day on my day off and now this happens at the very end. I even tried loading it again from a different spot and replaying up to this point and it’s still fucked up.

Anyone else experience this?

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One thought on “Blair Witch game breaking bug at the very end [SPOILERS]”

  1. You’re not far from the end but all I’ll say is it gets far worse. Confined spaces with doors you cant walk through unless crouched or hugging the wall. Give it a week or so and it will all be patched I imagine

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