24 thoughts on “Blasphemous – Reveal Trailer”

  1. This game looks great, but I think I’ll probably pick it up for the Switch rather than PC. I usually prefer metroidvania games on the Switch.

  2. Saw some alpha footage of this game on Twitter ages ago. So glad to see it got a proper reveal! Looks rad as hell.

  3. Whenever I see a game looking this good/appealing to me I play a game called “rogue-lite or mediocre”

  4. Oh wow another side scrolling 16-bit style game.

    We absolutely need more of these and do not already have enough.

  5. I can’t get over the “cone helmet” but damn the gameplay seems damn good.

    Edit : the pixel art is amazing btw, just the cone.

  6. I’m loving that soundtrack; this is pretty close to what would happen if Dethklok made a game, I reckon.

  7. Deaths Gambit, Salt and Sanctuary and Dead Cells are 3 of my favorite games in recent history. I hope this stacks up.

  8. Game looks fantastic. I’m only mildly turned off by gear customization. Is it weird to want a set starting life/equipment and to want to finish a game with skill rather than unlocking something that’s meant to make the game winnable?

    Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself though. I definitely fell in love with the aesthetic when I saw this game a year or so ago. Looking forward to seeing what Blasphemous has to offer.

  9. *Hell yeah!* I’ve been waiting for this game for a while. Really hope it’s good, the setting is right up my alley. Hope they really lean into the crazy.

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