8 thoughts on “BlueStacks Inside turns mobile games into ‘native PC’ games on Steam”

  1. Interesting, there is a couple mobile games I want to see on Steam. FF Tactics and the Dragon Quest series.

  2. As if Steam was not **infested** enough already by poor Shovelware that got posted daily now BlueStacks wants to import Android Shovelware into Steam? Oh, this is just great news.

    Good Mobile Games are always welcome and are already using systems like **Unity** that allows developers to write the code once to export it to **multi**- https://unity3d.com/unity/features/multiplatform that runs as fast as it can be instead of BlueStacks **Emulation** which is *”Java Emulation”*. So such ported games will suffer both due Java and BlueStacks which will result for worst gaming experience which some will not notice due to the power of their PC, not because such pipeline was never useful.

    Considering Nox Player **out**-performs BlueStacks on emulating Android games and the foreseen consequences, it’s good that they provide a new tool yet don’t expect the overall outcome to be better for us.

  3. Do you guys not have phones?


    Great!Now you can play it through steam.

  4. The upside of mobile games is they are often more polished than 80 % of things Valve finds acceptable these days.

  5. Aren’t all those popular Android emulators rather shady with ads or phoning home? Remember some post about it in the past.

    The few times I needed an emulator I used the one from the Android SDK. Setup takes a bit longer but isn’t hard either.

  6. > “which enables mobile game developers to publish their games on Steam with no porting to the PC required.”

    That’s cool and all, but playing a mobile game on PC is really janky, even with remapping tools and what not.

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