39 thoughts on “BORDERLANDS: THE HANDSOME COLLECTION 97% off $6.02 (USA)”

  1. That’s some crazy value. I know I pissed on Brandy Bitchford more than once, but I’d been waiting to get the Pre-Sequel for some time, and since this bundle is cheaper than the pre-sequel yet includes it (an error?) then I’d best put down the 145 baht they’re asking for it. And get some DLC at the same time. Already had BL2 so that’s a bit of a waste.

    You can bet your ass I won’t be spending a single cent for BL3 when it comes out on the Epic Fail Store.

  2. I have this on Xbox One and it’s a solid game. The Pre-Sequel is especially nice as there are a lot of Australian references in there that somewhat take the piss out of my own country.

    That and you can play as Claptrap…

  3. Funny, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of Randy Pitchford being a violent pedophile thief in this thread. I guess none of that stuff matters when the game is on Steam.

  4. Free on ps4 this month if you’re a ps+ subscriber.
    Not that I know why would anyone play a fps with a controller, but still..

    They’re sure trying to have people hooked and looking forward to Borderlands 3 After all the controversy

  5. Great for those who are missing DLC too. Not that the BL2 cosmetics matter, but I’m also missing most of the PreSequel DLC.

    > Individual price of the 34 items you don’t already have: CDN$ 47.18
    Your cost: CDN$ 2.97

    while a single DLC is $3.62.

  6. They must be trying to build up hype for the new game. Only reason I can think of that they would do something like this.

  7. I can now harrass my friend so they but this game and play with me. This is so cheap for everything that’s in the bundle

  8. Isn’t the collection actually cheaper than $229.48? They priced it as if it’s a bundle, rather than the Handsome Collection itself.

    Correct me if I’m wrong though, but it isn’t really 97% off the list price.

  9. It’s a brutal deal, more than 50 hours of singleplayer content for sure.


    I have the collection on PS4, but on Steam i’m missing the pre-sequel, maybe i’ll get it if it has a discount.

  10. Just got this from playstation plus but the controller is a real bummer. Might fork out just for the m+kb controls.

  11. £181.98 worth of games, for £4.82. Damn son, ez value…

    Still not going anywhere near the Epic Scam Store though 😂

  12. I have zero interest in playing borderland games but at that price I’m tempted to buy, its almost free.

  13. I bought this the last time it was on sale and played through all the games + DLC’s over a couple months. Awesome games that are a lot of fun. BL2 has become one of my favourites. The DLCs in BL2 + Pre-Sequel are amazing. In fact, the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Pre-Seq is better than the base game, in my opinion.

  14. Please don’t downvote me, but in case anyone with a PS4 and PS+ **doesn’t** know, The Handsome Collection is free on PS+ for the month of June.

    This is just an FYI. That’s all. Nothing more.

  15. Is Borderlands worth playing just for the story/single play through? I’m not big on repeating content or grinding (not sure if that’s a big part of the game).

  16. I already have the handsome collection on PS4 & Xbox 1 but since it’s such a AMAZING game and $6!!! I’m also buying it on my PC 😀 Who else can’t fucking wait for borderlands 3?!?!

  17. I have always wanted to play the-presequel. Its got better physX effects compared to the other 2 borderlands entires.

    Picked this up, and got a friend to buy it. I hope we can have a blast playing. We enjoy grinding games to a certain extent.

  18. Steam had it for $0.02 last time I saw it on sale

    That’s two pennies

    I thought about buying 50 copies and giving them away but then I bought a bottle of Sprite instead. I don’t even know 50 people.

  19. I picked this up last year around the same price…really couldn’t get into the story…I want to like it.

    Share some perspective with me?

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