Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

It’s a cry for help.

I have been wanting to play Titanfall 1 and 2 for a long time. But due to how busy life is, I never got it. This weekend, I sat down and pressed the buy button to purchase it.

I thought I was finally going to get play the Titanfall games that everyone speaks so highly about.

Turns out, the first game’s campaign is multiplayer only and I can’t find anyone online to play with me. I’m really disappointmented. Is anyone still playing this game or is there somewhere I can go to find ppl to play with ?

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7 thoughts on “Bought TitanFall finally but no one to play with.”

  1. People randomly hop in to play every so often, but rarely in the campaign mode of the first titanfall anymore. 2 has a singleplayer only campaign that’s by far better, and really hits you more than one expects.

  2. You’ll likely find games in Attrition but I’d recommend picking up Titanfall 2 so that you can play the SP mode.

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