I hope this doesn’t get downvoted to hell, I know this isn’t the usual scheduled content, but how would a no deal affect gaming in the UK?

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4 thoughts on “Brexit and gaming”

  1. best case is the full communication would be intact. the worst case is there would be petty disconnects of the internet

  2. As a consumer, it wouldn’t really.

    But in general, less games would be made in the UK as licensing middleware from abroad becomes more expensive as £ weakens and studios look to increase production in Europe where freedom of movement allows for a much bigger pool of job candidates.

    It’s already begun in other software sectors, I’ve seen it first hand and unfortunately bore the brunt of it. Jobs that were previously in the UK are rehired within the EU or elsewhere.

  3. Rockstar might not get a free pass and come close to paying some tax. Not just screwing the taxpayer out of millions

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