24 thoughts on “British local newspaper doesn’t know who Bowser is”

  1. I mean its hard pressed for us at 35 to remember

    Can you imagine a 18 year old “paid for exposure” intern knowing what a character for a game over 25 years ago is?

  2. What do you expect, if you’re not draped in an England flag, you’re just another illegal immigrant coming over here, stealing our princesses.

  3. This explains him always kidnapping peach, tying her up in his dungeon.
    The real inspiration for 50 Shades of Grey.

  4. Brittain has some interesting laws around their press. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are not allowed to specifically mention the characters name without some form of copyright infringement.

  5. Tbf there are a vast array of people who have no idea who Bowser is. We are kinda talking to the converted here. Even I had to doublethink who he was.

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