34 thoughts on “Calculated”

  1. I loved this game when it came out, but I remember having problems with the matchmaking, I stopped playing. Do people still play?

  2. This game, specifically the beta, made me rage harder than any game before it. I couldnt figure out if it was lag or I was just awful at it.

  3. I love and hate for honour, it’s a cool game, but I literally just started the game, level 1, and I’m up against like 15th Prestige (or very high level) players.
    I didn’t last long cause it got boring, I just got bodied every match.
    It’s like a bronze player in OW facing off against GM’s. It’s impossible to get better.

  4. I tried playing multiplayer, but couldn’t find any active lobbies. Is there a different server that might have more people I could try?

  5. I don’t know how to explain it, I hate For Honor because it has the balance of a handicapped person with no legs and arms but I always go back to it from time to time and then drop it again when I realise how angry it makes me.

    I love it’s aesthetic and theme too much

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