27 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update adds exciting new weapons but locks them behind loot boxes”

  1. Of course they did. They don’t care about their fan base anymore and it’s quite obvious. I hope that law banning loot packs in sports games goes for everything sooner than later

  2. Didn’t Modern Warfare: Remastered do the same thing? I didn’t play it much but I specifically remember having to buy certain loot boxes for a CHANCE to unlock certain weapons.

  3. It has the worst mtx system I have ever seen in a game and gets a pass compared to the backlash that SWBF2 received. This game is by every measure worse yet not much of the general gaming community seems to care unfortunately.

    The loot boxes include items such as weapon charms which are divided by each weapon, so one item in the loot pool becomes 40 or so. They do this for every new item, whether it be skins, charms or face paints. There must be an upward of 1000 items in the loot pool with stickers and trash items nobody wants. This is clearly designed to water down your chances of getting a weapon or good item. Oh, and there are also duplicates which you receive a peculiar amount of.

    There is also a lacklustre season pass, a $30 dlc melee weapon, $10 dollar skins, battle passes filled with crap and the good items being locked behind a giant rng paywall. Promised features are no where to be seen 9 months later. The list goes on and on.

    Why does this game get a pass and games like Anthem and SWBF2 are absolutely butchered? I don’t understand. It seems if it ain’t EA it’s A-Ok. Activision are truly the worst in the industry.

  4. You know, this kind of news is always depressing to see. At the same time I should thank Activision. Them and other companies bullshit has made me look a little deeper for games without MTX and discover new things I never knew I liked.

  5. Ha ha, figured. They did same thing for Black Ops 3! Man I really hope this company goes out of business

  6. I’m not shocked, but didn’t they say that they were not going to do this specifically? Like I remember this being one of the main points of their selling points last fall was no guns in loot boxes. Wondering if that constitutes a potential refund for lying to consumers

  7. so basically the exact fucking same things the past few games have been doing. At this point if anyone complains about how it ruins the game for them, it’s their own fault for buying it.

  8. recently got this game from a humble bundle code and i was excited to play just to learn that they removed free for all, wtf

  9. Charging 60 dollars for a game with a 60 dollar season pass that doesn’t unlock all content? That’s absolute horse shit and they will keep doing it until people stop buying it.

  10. And modern warfare will not have a season pass.
    We all remember what happened last time a company did that.

  11. And why is everyone hyped over the new call of duty now? They do this. Every. Year. Release some cool press, everyone jumps on board, then pull the rug out at the end. Literally, every year this happens. Yet the same idiots buy it, post all over that “why the negative press”, then jump ship. Then go back to the same thing next November. People are insane.

    Its like if I gave you a birthday card, you opened it, and I punched you straight in the face. Next year the same thing happens, for the next 5 years. Yet each year you get excited about opening a card forgetting you got punched in the face the last 5 years in a row. At this point can you even be mad at Call of Duty franchise anymore. This is what they do. Its like getting mad at Doritos for making chips. This is what they do, and continue to do each year. Yet each year people spin it “trust me guys its different this time”. Then boom punch in the face.

  12. Got it on humble bundle and genuinely have never been more disgusted with a charity for giving it to me

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