8 thoughts on “Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay approaches terrorism by “doing it tastefully””

  1. i dont see how realistic scenarios that soldiers face regularly need to be tip toed around and defended as a tasteful approach

    Game is M for mature.

  2. lol COD trying to bring back that no russian nostalgia so hard, the game will be filled with MTX and loot boxes with P2W mechanics.

  3. Bro I can watch a movie that has all of this why is it an issue if I play a game. I’m tried of people taking their opinions and forcing everyone else to change.

  4. Don’t do anything ‘tastefully’. The game is rated M (18+ in the UK IIRC). Just make it gritty, intimate and controversial.

    Sadly, too many people would start brigading, signing petitions and posting facebook statuses about how they bought the game for their underage kid and are shocked at how a game targeted at children (despite being M/18+ rated) can be so violent and in the same week they’ll let their kid watch violent M rated movies and TV shows.

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