From all the feedback I’ve seen over the past few weeks, I feel like I’m one of the few who are actually happy they’ve changed the map layouts in modern warfare. I’m absolutely loving ground war, and playing any of the smaller maps feels intresting and less about running down lanes.

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8 thoughts on “Call of duty unpopular opinion”

  1. The lack of traditional 3 lanes and the move back to the original mw styled map design is fine. But these maps are campers paradise, and they are made worse by certain balance and gameplay issues.

  2. Question just to see what you mean: as someone who absolutely despised Rust, and thought it was the worst map ever, almost entirely because I was dogshit at it and I prefer bigger maps as it suits my play style…would I enjoy these new layouts you speak of?

  3. My whole friend group is pleased. Best PC call of duty title to date imo. Black ops 1 takes the cake for console tho. They nailed it with that one. Stoped playing after mw3 when the jetpack era arrived.

  4. It’s not that it’s an unpopular opinion, reddit gaming subs are just echo chambers man. This game has its flaws, but it’s pretty good, first cod I enjoy since BO2 (hated AW, didn’t care for IW, hated WW2, never touched BO3/4)

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