Should the gaming community be worried in anyway? The president stated that the crackdown on violent video games must begin immediately. Can they even ban violent video games? What steps need to be taken to do so or try to do so? I know politicians have been saying it for years but it feels like its caught steam considering what recently happened. This has me worried for the near future of gaming. Am I worried for nothing?

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10 thoughts on “Can they ban violent video games?”

  1. I doubt it. All that would would do is hurt one of the US’s biggest economies. It wouldn’t solve anything. I think this is just Trump trying to avoid talking about gun control

  2. No they start this up with literally every mass shooting. It’s all talk to deflect from having common sense gun laws.

  3. It’s just political grandstanding to score votes among easily scared parents. Same as when they blamed violent music. Same as when they blamed violent movies. Same as when they blamed Dungeons and Dragons.

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

  4. This’ll pass. It basically happens every time there’s a shooting, because people want someone/something to blame but don’t want to actually do anything, and then the next thing happens and it goes away.

  5. The only body that can do this as far as I know would be ratings boards giving titles the rating that says retailers won’t stock your game (AO for the ESRB) or straight up refusing to give a rating (which has happened before). And it takes *extreme* amounts of something (violence or sex usually) for that to happen.

    It’s rare nowadays that a game actually gets to that point. So I’d say don’t worry about it.

  6. If they ban violent video games, that means they would have to ban other things like violent movies and tv shows. It won’t work

  7. There’s evidence that says video games do not cause violence. I’ve seen our government do some stupid shit but I don’t think it would be possible for them to ban violent video games.[The Supreme Court has also rejected the idea. In striking down a California law that banned the sale of some violent video games to children in 2011, the court savaged the evidence California mustered in support of its law.](

    Not only would they have to ban video games they would have to ban, movies, tv shows, and music that all show or “promote” violence. Unfortunately we will never see the actual cause of the violence, guns, be banned. Unless probably long after we are all gone they finally come to their senses and say why do we have these things. Even if they did ban games people would pirate them. They tried to ban alcohol and look how that turned out. There will always be a way to get stuff that is banned.

  8. Itll be a talking point for a little while but it wont be dealt with. Trump, according to the various sources on Newsvoice, is more so interested in mental health reform than video game regulation. That’s what we really need anyway.

  9. I doubt we will ever see the this happening. But just for fun let’s imagine they ban violent video games.. some time pass and it changes nothing at all, another mass shooting happening and the then residing president will have to find somewhere else to put the blame? It would make them look even more foolish than what they look like now voicing a ban wouldn’t they? Wonder how many things they could ban before they start using common sense and have some better gun laws or restrictions etc.

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