49 thoughts on “Cant count how many times this has thrown me off”

  1. Oh my god I hate that Xbox and Nintendo don’t collaborate on this, it’s so hard switching between the two consoles.

  2. Worse it which button “Advance” is.

    I’m fine with the different button naming, but Nintendo being the only console that uses the bottom button as “Back” is fucking shitty.

  3. I have no problem switching between Xbox and Playstation because the button functions are usually the same for both.

    On Switch or any other Nintendo product, what is normally the “back” button becomes the “accept” button and vice versa, which gets really annoying.

  4. what throws me off the most is the main confirmation button for most game menus is either X on Playstation, or A on Xbox. Both those buttons are in the same location pretty much, so it’s just muscle memory. On the switch however that button is usually A, and I end up pushing B when I meant A. I usually get used to it aft a while but the first couple hours are kinda annoying.

  5. Just generally switching in between Xbox and Switch is the worst for me 🙈 cos it’s the same letters but in different order so I aaaaalways press the wrong buttons when playing lol

  6. I don’t mind the buttons being mixed if they would all make the default main button be at the bottom. X and A are used as the main button for Xbox and ps but fucking switches main button is the button on the right and it’s super confusing having the back button on the bottom

  7. Am I seriously the only person who’s never had this issue!? I feel like it’s a very simple adjustment.

  8. The same reason you didn’t include a keyboard in your picture, everyone only cares about certain systems. You, the 3 in the pic. The manufacturer’s, their own consoles.

  9. We can’t even agree to not post the X button memes; how’re we going to agree on the major things like button placement?

  10. I grew up with Nintendo (which as far as I understand uses the “original” layout from Japanese production? Where the button on the right is for “confirm”) and have remapped my PC controller buttons to switch A/B and X/Y for this reason. I kept screwing up QTEs since I’d spend like 10 seconds trying to remember which button to press.

  11. Although I grew up with a PS2, I’ve always liked Nintendo’s layout the best. The Xbox isn’t far behind either.

  12. Is it really that hard to adjust? I grew up on Nintendo, then PlayStation, then got used to Xbox configuration for gaming. It’s like instinct now when I use Nintendo stuff to switch my confirm buttons, I don’t find it too difficult to switch between companies at all.

  13. Not sure if it’s one of those urban myths but apparently Nintendo and PlayStation layout is the same. If you number the buttons PS was based on the number of lines in the symbol. Nintendo was based on alphabetical order.


    O = 1 (line)

    X = 2 lines

    Triangle = 3 lines

    Square = 4 lines


    A = 1

    B = 2

    X = 3

    Y = 4

  14. It’s funny, I have no trouble with the Playstation or Nintendo controllers. But give me an XBox and I turn into 4 year old me figuring out how games work.

  15. The Switch scheme is the true version because it derives from the SNES, where Dreamcast and Xbox also got their buttons from.

    e: The ps1 followed the SNES scheme of having “A” mean ok/yes by using “circle” as ok. X was cancel, like “B” on the SNES was.

  16. To be fair, the the SNES controller is basically the same layout as the switch controllers today as far as face buttons go. PS and XBOX were the ones that changed it. due to copyright, obviously, but still.

  17. The amount of times I was almost yelling at my wife to click “X” when I actually meant “B” on the Switch.. lol

  18. Only Nintendo and Microsoft have an “X” button. Sony has a “2” button.

    Hint: Count the lines in each of the symbols on Sony’s controller buttons. They’re 1, 2, 3, and 4, and in the same order as Nintendo’s A, B, X, and Y. And, yes, that means that Microsoft is the one out-of-step, here.

  19. Nintendo came up first with this design with the SNES, then Sony made the PS controller with the same placement for confirmation and cancel, but someone in america confused the X for “X marks the spot” and thus inverted it in the US, then Microsoft came up with their design based off on what their market was used to.

  20. Because Nintendo set the standard for A (Confirm) being on the right, and B (Cancel) being on the bottom. Sony continued this trend but with icons instead of letters. The O is understood to have a similar meaning as a checkmark in Japan, but that particular interpretation didn’t translate well to the West, and some developers started using X as Confirm on PlayStation games. When Microsoft made the Xbox, they wanted their own distinct button layout, so they copied Nintendo’s lettering and arranged it in the Western-style PlayStation configuration. (This particular layout had already been done with Sega’s Dreamcast, but Microsoft switched up the colors that corresponded with each button.)

  21. I like PlayStation best. Their labeling is creative 0=1 line, X=2 lines, triangle =3 lines and square is 4 lines. All they labled their buttons 1,2,3,4.

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