36 thoughts on “Capcom wants to shrink the gap between Monster Hunter PC and console releases”

  1. If that were true they would’ve let the guys who do all the other NT Framework ports handle it.

    Instead we got a shitty port and a year’s delay total now.

  2. Could have sworn we were sold on this lie post console launch, specifically remember them saying they will speed up the PC updates to be in line with console releases yet here we are once again being fed more BS.

    sucks to be playing on a platform capable of better performance yet being treated like 2nd rate gamers.

  3. I was pretty hyped for Monster hunter when it first got announced. But after the long wait for a pc version I completely lost interest and still haven’t bothered buying it. I can feel the same thing happening to me with Red Dead Redemption 2.

  4. I’m calling BS and I’ll believe it when I see it. I uninstalled this game after the Witcher was delayed on PC. They told us they were already doing this but here we are with a “sometime in the winter” release date for the expansion. I’m over it at this point.

  5. They don’t have any practical reasons to bridge this gap between releases though. They get to effectively double dip. This is most likely some pointless and utterly meaningless platitude that’s just meant to preempt grumblings and complaints from PC players, while effectively ignoring the issue.

    The worst thing about this whole delay between releasing on console and releasing on PC is how the information about the game spreads so fast across the internet and you can’t help but come across something that’s going to spoil the expansion. People will talk about it, Youtube will throw out videos about the game at you because you looked at it before, you’re very likely going to be spoiled about the game, and for me, that diminishes the experience.

  6. The gap pretty much irritated me out of the series. I hated getting excited about news that would ldnt be available on PC for x many months so I just stopped following and playing it.

  7. I got back into Monster Hunter a few weeks ago and was really enjoying going through the content but then they announced it would be a delayed release again for PC and it completely killed my interest..

    On the bright side I’m addicted to Warframe again

  8. Put up with the delays for MHW cus “they were trying their best, they are new to PC games” but I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy another just to be treated like second class once again. Hold back the console release until PC release is ready or hire more people to do the job yall cant.

  9. The time gap and mouse acceleration really kill the game for me. They took so long “to optimize” the game and still launch with the same bug, same problem, and no change on control for PC. Nothing is “optimized” at all for the time spent. The hype sold the game for me back then and while it’s an enjoyable game, i won’t fall for this iceborn expansion.

  10. Normally I’d be annoyed at this sort of thing. However, I’m alright waiting a short while for PC launch. Considering how Monster Hunter takes over your spare time, having a bit more time to play other games, do other stuff, before Iceborne launches, is fine with me. And as always, take the time to make it good. I’d rather have a good game than something rushed.

  11. We got a big group together to play MH, had a blast for a few months then one day out of the blue, it was over and that’s how the interest in the game just dies. Getting the group back together, to buy an expansion and start it over again is way less appealing after an entire year away.

    The expansion won’t add enough content to reignite interest for my bunch I don’t think. Then they tack on a bigger wait for PC.

  12. How many copies has this game sold so far? Do they really not have the manpower available or the tech-knowhow to get the pc version on par with consoles?

  13. The gap between content update seems to be indefinite. pc version released is 7 – 8 months later than the console version. Witcher collab has 3 months gap between the pc and console, mhw reddit seems to be speculating that the pc version collab will come on july, turns out it was not the case.

    It was never said on pc to release with content parity (i think), and i kinda expected that. Thought that i appreciate that they are still adding pc specific feature which people on steam community are crying about while adding content.

    This kinda thing happens not only on pc but also on console, see PD2 for example.

    I am happy if we actually get content parity, but i kinda expect if it’s not end up happening and fine to put up with it.

  14. I wouldn’t. Piracy day one is a problem and for some games (EPIC ones) fuck them but a quality title like monster Hunter deserves all the love.

  15. IIRC they said at some point that around the DLC they wanted to have content parity.

    Then again i don’t really care. I enjoy the game, and i don’t mind enjoying a specific hunt a couple months later than console.

  16. they said the same thing in February 2018 after releasing the pc version. they said now we want the pc platform to catch up with console so that we get future releases in sync.


    A year and a half later, iceborn coming on consoles september 6th with pc scheduled as “winter 2019”.

  17. Is the game fixed btw? I bought it at release and the game used the mouse to emulate an analogue stick with deadzone, smoothing and acceleration, it was unplayable with a mouse if you ever touched a shooter in your life. Did they finally add raw input and give us options to disable blur and other effects that make games look bad and confusing?

  18. We’re probably not getting Iceborn anytime close to the console version launch. It’s a shame despite MHW selling extremely well on PC they still treat the platform like second class citizens.

    I guess they expect people to double dip again like they did with the original release of MHW however pretty much all my friends who were stupid enough to buy it for console and PC, have all said they will not make this mistake a second time. The framerate in MHW on console is fucking atrocious.

  19. Shame it isn’t on September. Would of taken my mind of Borderlands 3. Still though thanks to Microsoft Gears of War 5 will eat my time. Iceborne looks great too!

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