30 thoughts on “Celebrating the success of Nier Automata”

  1. “Machines can learn, but they will never understand.”

    Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty cool line. Is that in the game itself?

  2. I haven’t played Nier Automata, do they ever explain why 2b and 9s look human? where as most of the robots in that world don’t? Or is it just different manufacturers?

  3. I was at a Nier: Automata panel at PAX East a few years ago, Yoko Taro was there and someone asked about 2B’s character design and outfit, if there was some sort of logic or reasoning behind it.

    He just shrugged and said, “I like cute girls in short skirts.”

  4. In an era of people like David “I make ze bad game” Cage, Yoko Taro is the hero we need, but not the hero we deserve.

  5. I’ve been asking the same question.

    Who said “lets give this robot the faaaaaaatttest ass we can” when building them shits

  6. Modders updated Nier to give 2B a butthole and there was outrage.

    When forced to defend his sexist views in creating the game and women having buttholes he simply asked if the people making the mods could send him a copy.

    > [Because of the brouhaha over 2B’s butt, there are loads of rude drawings and whatnot being uploaded. And since going around and collecting them is a pain, I’d like it if I could get them sent in a zip file every week.](https://www.polygon.com/2017/1/9/14213182/nier-automata-2b-art)

  7. There’s just a deep meaning that you just don’t get.

    And I don’t get.

    And nobody else gets.

    Except maybe Yoko Taro.

  8. I’m just glad Xbox got to experience the game, albeit a year later, but it was essentially the game of the yorha edition anyways

  9. There’s lots of sexualized pictures of 2B over at good ol’ Deviantart. Every time I see one I have to remind everyone that she’s a robot, and if you tried to tap that your dick would get turned into ground beef.

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