46 thoughts on “Chose very wisely”

  1. Skyrim i suppose. I have spent significantly more time in that one game than any of the others shown, combined.

  2. Super easy. Skyrim. Not even really a contest. Just in terms of playtime, i have more time in Skyrim than every other game there combined. And doubled.

  3. Depends. I’ve put the most amount of time into Skyrim, but if RDR2 were available on PC with Mods, I’d choose that in a heartbeat

  4. Easily BOTW. All these games reach the heights of BOTW, but BOTW is at that level through the entire game.

  5. Lol Fortnight is in here against Witcher 3 and BotW? I mean, to be fair, all of the games look like filler to ask if you prefer Witcher 3 or BotW.

  6. Apex Legends if it’s only one forever as it’s MP-focused. Otherwise God of War for being the best game there.

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