2 thoughts on “Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – June 2019 Update”

  1. Okay. Some cool stuff here such as lumber mills for rainforest tiles. That’d make Chichen Itza’s bonuses even more viable. Quarries giving just as much production as mines? Yes please! Heck, *Eng*leanor/Vicky got production bonuses too, and Canada again (haha).

    The downsides? I think the other changes would come too late in the game to matter. Lower prod requirements for late-game buildings? Sure… but the game might as well be over by then. Giant Death Robot dedications? Yeah, game’s already over by then. Diplomatic Victory’s tweaks, although these can be appreciated, still doesn’t seem as though Diplo is a viable victory condition compared to, say, Domination or Cultural.

    (Note: I play on Deity often so it’s always a rush to outpace the AI. I don’t know if many of these changes would impact how you approach the mid to late-game experience if you’re already running away with a victory or if the AI’s already blobbed uncontrollably.)

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