19 thoughts on “Civilization VI is getting a Battle Royale game mode (trailer)”

  1. Wow, I’m really glad that Civilization finally has a Battle Royale mode while they AI still is completely broken and cheating like crazy.

  2. I remember back in the early 2010s there was an ad campaign where these guys would make mock trailers/posters (I tried to find these but I came up empty) for the most ridiculous show concepts (one of them was about a guy collecting pickles). At the end of the trailer/ at the bottom of the poster, the ad would say something like the fact that you thought this was real says a lot about modern TV.

    I was expecting something similar with this trailer.

  3. Now just put it on mobile, it already looks like a mobile game. This series has gone to shit. Firaxis needs some serious competition to pull their shit together, I hope Amplitude can do that with Humankind.

  4. It looks like it could be an interesting-ish scenario mode, but that trailer is awful. Also I laughed when the Beyond Earth landing pod arrived to carry the victors (I guess) away.

    Red Death sort of looks like it’s Civ IV’s Empire of the Smoky Skies. That was a really random steampunk themed scenario–full on with different factions, units and tech trees–buried in Civ V.


    Edit: Red Death is already live and in the game but it’s multiplayer only, so it’s not a scenario like EotSS.

  5. Now I’m thinking all the games that can be battle royale

    need for speed: battle royale

    Hearthstone: battle royale

    Starcraft/warcraft: Battle royale

    world of warcraft: battle royale

    assassin’s creed: battle royale

    far cry: battle royale

    mass effect: battle royale

    Star Wars: Battle royale

    Dragon age: Battle royale

    How far will battle royale go?

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