26 thoughts on “Close combat specialists”

  1. I literally just did this on civ revolutions on 360, go ahead and laugh at my misfortune. Everything was going pretty good until someone wanted a great person around 800AD.

  2. The AI once backstabbed me when I had 30k money (or whatever it’s called) because I only had 1 unit… The AI only had spears and cannons… I bought 10 tanks and won the war.

  3. This is ALWAYS China. First they make a bunch of towns and then make another bazillion longswordfighter, to take my towns. The only problem with their “brilliant” plan is that I probably already have like WW2 tanks or something, so the longswordfighter can’t do shit.

  4. I didn’t upgrade that swordsman because he’s tasked with building roads. I only brought him to the front lines to build a road to the enemy city. That’s how Rome rolls, baby.

  5. I’ve always wondered how the rationalization for that went.

    “Sir, we’ve just finished creating the latest tank brigade.”

    “Excellent. Anything else?”

    “Yes. Yet another request from the 101st Pachyderm Corps to finally be allowed to use something else as their primary mode of transport.”


  6. Kept around some Legions a city state gifted me for road construction work. They were quite nice to have, basically workers who didn’t cost maintainance. Then, around 1900, barbarian archers captured another worker units. The army was at the front. Only one choice. the Legion was deployed

    And that was how a bunch of LARPing road construction workers became the hero of the day.

  7. My modern infantry vs your barbarian horde….its like if the US invaded one of those no contact tribes in the Amazon.

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