6 thoughts on “Comic I made to sum up the Dark Souls™ Experience we’ve all had”

  1. I’ve played Souls so long, I knew it was a boss room before I even got into it. What I didn’t expect was how goddam easy Vordt was. Gundyr fucked my ass, Vordt was just Ankle Spanking.

  2. It’s pretty easy to learn to recognize this *before* walking into the room…first thing I learned actually…

  3. ‘First time playing DS1 at the minute.

    Behind the bonfire at the base of Blighttown there’s a circular room with a chest in the middle. ‘Was absolutely convinced I’d found my first mimic, but nothing.

    I think they knew full well my paranoia would get me shitting myself.

  4. I remember years ago I went over to my cousins house and when I walked in he asked “Have you heard of Dark Souls?” I said no and he just handed me a controller. I then proceeded to walk up some stairs and got crushed by a boulder. I then came back to life, walk into a giant room, and of course there’s a giant boss that pounded my face in. This was the day I understood the “YOU DIED” screen.

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