12 thoughts on “Command & Conquer Remaster Update and First Sidebar Preview”

  1. This update feels like more of a reminder that they’re working on it. Good to see nonetheless – I just hope they don’t screw it up!

  2. Between this, Warcraft III Reforged and AoE2:DE, can’t decide which upcoming RTS I’m most excited for. Also feeling a bit conflicted about this, we’re really gonna play same classic games for decades with little more innovation than a facelift…

  3. C&C got Remaster

    Warcraft III got Reforged

    now if only Battle Realm got something new my life will worth living again

  4. Finally 3 buildings per row, it was annoying to scroll down, just to build X when you capture some different races, etc. Especially on the old small CRT monitors.

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