Recently just got a new PC and was curious what the easiest way to compare my specs to compatible games i want. Im not super intelligent with computers so not sure how i go about it or what i need to look for. Any tips would be great. Thanks

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3 thoughts on “Compatible games?”

  1. Can I Run It is my go to thing, that tests the individual game against the PC specs.

    PCBenchmark offers something called “What can I run” which compares your system to a plethora of games and tells you what you can and can’t play.

    Edit: these are all websites… the former required a small download and the latter just scans your hardware I believe for the specs or you can manually input them.

  2. If you youtube the game you are interested in, followed by the name of your GPU you are likely to find someone’s video where you can see the kind of performance you can expect. I find doing that more reliable than just following the publishers guideline on what the minimum and recommended specs are.

  3. I think you can use some third party programs which you have to download on your PC so im not sure how safe they actually are. Tbh for me not having to worry about specs, system requirements etc and knowing that every game will work is one of the reasons why i tend to prefer console gaming instead of PC.

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