4 thoughts on “Cracked.com: 10 Stories About The Weirdest Video Game Production Ever (Star Citizen)”

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  2. One thing I am always curious about with these types of articles is the lack of “We reached out for comment but CIG declined”.

    To my knowledge CIG have granted media all kinds of access to their development – sometimes at the cost of transparency by lining up a media story and drop of information to backers at the same time.

    The Citizen Convention is going to happen on November 23rd in the UK I’m not sure if they have media passes for the events – but it could never hurt to try and then like backers they’d have access to the developers to ask direct questions instead of sourcing their information from less than impartial sources.

    The article isn’t inaccurate but after the 2nd point the author really leans hard into his prejudice against Star Citizen – it kind of feels like the Author was handed a bunch of loosely correlated stories about Star Citizen from a critic and just shuffled them up a bit, changed some words and called it a day.

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