36 thoughts on “Cute Misty cosplay (Pokémon)”

  1. This just in for Reddit news daily: Another girl with histrionic personality disorder gets used for karma farming

  2. Just isn’t another day on r/gaming until u/Uneequa posts another cosplay from some random girl off the internet in an attempt for karma.

  3. I got my son and wife watching pokemon from the first season. The first thing my wife said, “Why is Misty dressed like that? Like a little ho? Where are her parents?”

  4. I can’t be the only one that just hates cosplay on gaming subs. It’s all that ever gets posted along with tattoo pics.

  5. Noone cares about your oversexualised cosplays that you’ve done to get karma, we ain’t horny virgins

  6. This fucking karma farmer again.

    Edit – Damn, silver tho? Fuck this karma farmer and the karma tractor he rode in on.

  7. I’ve seen so many misty cosplays at this point, that none of them are anymore better than the other.

    It takes 30 mins on amazon and 30 mins on the wig. No one cares, no one.



  8. How is his cosplay? She’s wearing shorts, suspenders, and a shirt (well, half of a shirt…)

    So stupid.

  9. I like the hint of green eyeliner to suggest turquoise green eyes instead of going out and buying those bright-ass colored contacts. They tend to plunge the cosplayer deep into the uncanny valley.

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