43 thoughts on “Daughter made me a custom painted controller for my cake day!”

  1. Put a clear coat on that if she didn’t. Don’t want that rubbing off after use. I’d take the shell apart to do that.

  2. My daughter custom colored my PS4 with crayons…then proceeded to feed the disc slot my spare change “because it looked hungry”…

  3. That’s awesome! She’s very talented.

    But side question, is it a mini controller or are you hagrid? Oor is it just picture perspective that makes it look way smaller than your hand?

  4. That looks amazing!! That is hands down the best custom controller I’ve seen. Wish someone sold these. Yeah, I’m jealous now.

    Oh and happy bday

  5. Looks awesome, but I really hope you put a protective layer on top otherwise one sweaty session later and all of that hard work will be undone and it will just be one giant smear on your hands

  6. yooo i love the Colorado design, she did great. you may want to add a clear coat just so it doesnt rub off over time hard to tell if she got a final coat.

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