17 thoughts on “De-colorized Photo of the invention of our demise (1972)”

  1. One of the most disgustingly sadistic games ever made.

    The point is to repeatedly shoot at your enemy while he desperately tried to defend himself, and it only ends once one of the participants has been shot too many times to continue. Vile.

  2. Charles Manson played this before turning into the devil.


    Or maybe not if he did not have access to some beta 2 years before release.

  3. I know this is meant as a joke but there were 4 reported cases of murder as a result of rage produced from this game in the United States.

  4. You forgot the NSFW tag on this one. I’m still shocked.


    Of course my prayers go out to the other stick.

  5. Developer: *plugs 1s and 0s into a machine to make shapes move*

    Media: “Some say it is the most apalling act of violence since the Holocaust.”

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