18 thoughts on “Death stranding in 3 words”

  1. I’ve met some people that can cook, like really good cooking. You tell them “hey I tried this new dish..” and they reply “i gotchu” and deliver the same dish but looks and tastes so much better. However then they come and say “dude I’m making this new dish, original, it has this and that, wanna try it?” sounds interesting but its the most ugly and disgusting thing you have tried. I hope this doesn’t happen to Kojima, but this game looks weird AF. Even after the trailer and the released date, I still have no fucking idea what the fuck is going on. I still pre-ordered, I want to see what Kojima-Unchained is all about.

  2. Okay, like, you know how when you hold your hand under water it gets wrinkly? What if that’s because the water was actually making you old. And when you get so old that you die from old age, this baby you were carrying who is also you ages to an adult and can keep going and they have the same baby that is the dead you but also the new you that used to be the baby but is now the adult with a new baby that is also you, and you’re delivering packages across America and when it rains the monsters from A Quiet Place show up.

  3. All I think I got was that this game is gonna have themes on environmental damage, oil, ptsd, rebuilding local communities, and how the current generations will leave the world for the next ones.

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