title, Bungie did not announce this yet for some reason but noticed it after randomly checking out if there’s anything in my base game to do after the new season started, to my surprise I was greeted with new content and more gear to farm with the level cap increase.

Forsaken and newer content is still paid.

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27 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Year 1 DLC (Curse of Osiris, Warmind) now free to base game owners”

  1. They’re pretty bad and not worth purchasing. Making them free is the right decision. Hopefully though they do a good bundle with Forsaken and the next big DLC because I really want to jump back into Destiny.

  2. Hoping they’ll do a good bundle price with the new Dlc, or at least put all recent content on sale soon. Just made the jump to pc and I’ve heard destiny is way better on pc. Been a day 1 destiny player on ps4

  3. Kinda pointless to most people as it’s now bundled with Forsaken but if you still have just the base game it’s more stuff to do

  4. This is good for me, I played originally on PS4 but recently got a cheap PC code from CDkeys so now I have the first two DLCs also.

  5. Having been out for ages, I got D2 free on PC so great for me. No idea where everything lies level/light/armor wise these days though.

  6. do yourselves a favor and get at least the forsaken addon (the one after curse of osiris / warmind).

    The game is far better since forsaken.

  7. PSA to new players:

    – You’ve probably heard it and yes it’s true, Curse of Osiris is absolutely terrible, from content, to writing, to the tiny planet it takes place on. Rush it and never go back.

    – Escalation Protocool in Warmind is not only stupidly fun, but one of the weapons that goes on rotation as a potential final wave reward, Ikelos shotgun, is still incredibly powerful even after a nerf it received a couple months back. There’s also a sword you can reliably get (Worldline Zero) via quest line that’s sort of seen as a not so great weapon but, sword ammo was increased by a huge amount today so it MIGHT be worth checking out. If you don’t own Forsaken and just want a fun lil sword to mess around with, it’s not bad.

  8. I’ll play when Forsaken is free, no sooner, no exceptions. You already scammed me, Bungie. Also, didn’t they already make this free?

  9. I bought Destiny 2 for PC when it came out six months after it was released on console, and three months later they gated new content with this DLC. Stopped playing and not coming back. Fuck you Bungie.

  10. I would’ve care more about this but I just know that by the time I feel comfortable about giving bungie a second chance they’ll be about to release Destiny 3 or something like that.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a shit show from a developer in my life. From blatant lying, cheating, manipulation, etc. Destiny 2 was one of (if not the) my biggest disappointments when it comes to gaming. It even manages to rank above Anthem and NMS which is saying a lot!

  11. most people that hate are solo players with no friends lol. game was worth it on launch even if there was a bit of a content drought. forsaken is really good and i cant wait for shadowkeep.

  12. I already uninstalled game 2 months ago. I don’t think I wanna get dragged in the grind again specially since you need latest DLC for real shit.

  13. Just checked. I don’t seem to have any of the free dlcs you mentioned

    Edit: Never mind. You have to talk to several NPCs in the traveler to start The Curse of Osiris and Warmind dlcs

  14. I bought the base game when Destiny 2 first released, does this essentially catch me up to where the game is or would I still have to make a purchase to catch up?

  15. I preordered the game, they give it away now intend to release it free, I bought the year 1 dlc, it’s going to be to free, didn’t buy forsaken it’s $50 CAD. I’ve gotten nothing for free having to put down more money than the new players playing for free, an upgrade to forsaken would have been nice. It’ll be free eventually I really wish I hadnt bought anything.

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