5 thoughts on “Destiny 2’s next expansion is called Shadowkeep”

  1. All signs point to this being the comet dlc we guardians dreamed of. Glad to see them back off the annual pass that was likely pushed by activision, this could also still coincide with the rumor that we will be hitting all the d1 locations in the coming year, the moon was the first one listed

  2. Glad to know they’ve supported me giving my money away early in hopes that the dlc isn’t trash.

    I hope it’s great, really do. Love destiny’s gameplay. But seriously, don’t prepurchase anything.. ever. It’s not worth buying something that you don’t know what your getting. Will this dlc even be fun? I hope so, but won’t know that until it’s released and people have played it and reviewed it.

  3. Can this franchise just fuck off already please. You fucked too many people over to ever recover. Fuck Bungie for real. Asshat thieves.

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